The Beat

Babylon, Ohio
Babylon used to be a thriving steel town—until alchemy destroyed the steel business in America. The loss of jobs didn’t do as much damage as the introduction of magic into American culture. Now it’s a dying husk of a city riddled with crime resulting from the dirty magic trade. A desperate police force created a ghetto of sorts across the river from the nicer parts of town in an area known as the Cauldron.

The Cauldron:
These slums are an urban wasteland filled with decaying architectural masterpieces and the eroded hopes of a city that lost the battle against its darker nature. The population of this area is mostly Adepts and magic junkies. The neighborhoods are divided among three main covens.

The Arteries:
An incomplete, abandoned subway system running under the Cauldron. This is the turf of the Sanguinarian coven, which caters to the blood magic fiends. Although, after the events of Dirty Magic, they were sealed, forcing the Sangs to move to a junkyard across town.

Black Cat Commissary:
Apothecary. Little Man and Mary rent an apartment upstairs.

The Red Horse:
Bar favored by Votary crew. Cinder block building, peeling white paint. Covered with spray painted alchemical symbols. Black door. Red neon sign of anarchy symbol.

Temple of Cosmic Love:
Brothel owned by the O’s Hierophant, Aphrodite Johnson. Her famous “Revenge Garden” is housed in the courtyard.