Our Team

Special Agent Miranda Gardner
Leader of the MEA task force. She runs a tight ship and doesn’t suffer fools. The sign on her desk reads: “No bullshit before 5p.m.” She’s an Adept, but she doesn’t cook magic that often. Working on her Ph.D. in Criminal Justice.
Special Agent Drew Morales
Gardner’s second-in-command and Prospero’s partner. Former military man who spent some time undercover in the Los Angeles covens. He was born an Adept, but chose not to pursue training in magic. His left hand is scarred due to a tragic accident that killed his sister and father when he was young.
Detective Kate Prospero
Grew up in Babylon’s covens and was being groomed to take over her uncle’s coven, but a tragedy scared her straight. She left magic behind and vowed to turn her life around. She’s been a beat cop for five years when she gets tangled in the MEA case in Dirty Magic.
Agent Shadi Pruitt
The task force’s surveillance and weapons expert. She was a cop in Detroit and Army reservist when she was recruited to join the MEA. She’s a Mundane.
Kichiri “Mez” Ren
The task force’s resident wizard. He’s in charge of cooking tactical and defensive potions. Studied at the country’s top university for the arcane arts. Has a side business selling clean vanity potions, which is one of the reasons he’s often changing his appearance.