Clean Magic vs. Dirty Magic: What’s Legal?

dirty magic bottleClean magic is used by certified wizards who have graduated from respective universities of arcane sciences, such as Thoth University. Clean magic wizards are employed by the government or by private laboratories, such as Sortilege, Inc., to create safe, non-addicted potions for use in commercial and private applications. Rigorous oversight by governmental agencies, such as the MEA and the Food, Drug, and Potion Administration ensures the resulting products are safe for the public to consume of use.

Dirty magic is illegal because it fails to adhere to government regulations regarding cooking methods and is generally not performed by accredited wizards. Because dirty potions are cooked in unsanitary conditions instead of a control lab environment, the safety of potions cannot be ensured. In addition, to cut costs, dirty wizards will also use cheap and often very addictive ingredients to keep costs down while also ensuring that users develop a dependency on the potion. Some people think the cheaper cost of this sort of magic is worth the risk of breaking the law, but they often pay for it by becoming addicted to the potion and, eventually, with their own lives.

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