Frequently Asked Questions

My mom cooks potions for us when we get sick–is she breaking the law?
Technically, no. As long as she is not selling the potions to the public, she is within the limits of the law.  However, the MEA does not condone or encourage citizens to cook their own potions unless they are certified by the government to ensures their safety as well as the safety of their families.

Doesn’t the MEA employ dirty magic when trying to build cases against dirty magic covens?
The MEA is required to adhere to the letter of the law just like every other citizen.  Most MEA task forces employ a team wizard who is certified by the federal government in clean potion cooking. These wizards develop tactical potions and arcane defense weapons and potions, but they are not allowed to use dirty magic methods to achieve these means.

In addition, evidence gathered through arcane means is not admissible in court, except in the cases where the services of a forensics wizard are required. In short, we can’t take magical shortcuts to build cases against criminals–we have to use good old fashioned police work.

What about magic cooked by non-Adept pagan or Wiccan citizens? Are those illegal?
Non-Adept magic users are not subjected to the same scrutiny as Adept potion cookers. Studies have shown that the magic conjured by Mundane magic users is not as powerful as that achieved by Adepts. However, there may be other federal and state and local regulations that apply to the sale of homeopathic remedies that might limit their ability to sell their goods.


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