A Message from Special Agent Gardner


Welcome to the MEA Task Force website. In an effort to demonstrate our commitment to transparency and our mission to create a city free from the dangers of dirty magic, we have created this resource for citizens of Babylon, Ohio.

Babylon has a long and dark history with dirty magic. For decades, the covens have created chaos and violence in the Cauldron that has spread throughout the city and affected every level of politics, business, and personal life.

Our goal is to bring down the leaders of the covens and anyone affiliated with them in an effort to interrupt the distribution and manufacture of dangerous potions on the streets of this fine city. We understand this is not a task that will be easy, nor is it one can do alone. We have partners with the Babylon Police Department and other state and local agencies in an effort to bring every resource we can to this important problem.

But our job cannot be done until we have the cooperation of every well-intentioned citizen in Babylon. If you see someone engaged in cooking or selling dirty magic, please use our anonymous tip submission form.  If you have friends or loved ones who are addicted to dirty magic, encourage them to see help at an Arcane Anonymous meeting. Educate your children about the dangers of dirty magic using the resources we’ve provided on this website.

Together we can ensure Babylon has a bright future.

Special Agent Miranda Gardner

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